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Spotlight: Moski Love Interview ( Bali Clubbing )


Working already actively in the nightclub industry it was a natural progression to where her career would now find her, headlining club shows all around Indonesia on a weekly basis while recently completing a mini international tour over to Malaysia. Moski Love has proven her point and now the snowball theory is well and truly rolling on down. With the skills on the decks to mess with the best and signed to Splendid Agency in Indonesia who play a major role for whats going down in the clubs all around the country it was also a natural progression we would find her here as the next local spotlight after headlining Bali’s biggest club Sky Garden this past weekend. Dig in and find out whats rocking in the record box of all things Moski Love.

Halo Moski Love, how are you? We believe that it’s gonna be a lovable interview. Let start with, how you start your DJing career and what is the story behind Moski Love name?

Halo Balicubbing, my career start when I used to work as club event organizer before. There’s a lot of people say and ask me, “Why you don’t want to be a DJ?”, because there’s a lot of that give an opportunity to be a DJ, even though I can’t even DJ, Lol. I don’t want the people have a perception I’m becoming a DJ because I’m only a new clubbers (in that time, there’s a lot of clubbers want to be a DJ & start to learn how to be a DJ). So, I didn’t start directly, and I take my time for a year, and after that I start to learn.

I get this name just all of the sudden and it comes up when my friend ask me to play at their cafe, I was a really fresh graduate and haven’t got any awareness yet. Moski mean more skin, more skill because I think as a female DJ, I have to have skill and not only sexy. There’s a lot of discrimination that said, female DJ are only more skin, less skill and only sexy but can’t play DJ well. Love means feminine, same like other female DJ that had a name like Lady, Princess, Queen, Miss and others.

Splendid Asia is one of the management that really fast growth, and have great talents. How did you join this management? If someone ask you, who is Moski Love and how did you describe yourself as a DJ and how did you differentiate with other female DJ?

Back in the days, Splendid Asia is only promoter, event organizer & agency that book an international DJs that handled by Steve Lee, he is one of the team member of Dreamfields at Netherlands. Because he often make an event and booking this all the internationals, he decide to make a DJ agency, so he have his own rosters. I was there since the beginning and helping him to make it happen, because I already had database. Three of the first recruitment are me, Patrix Johnson and Nick Sijmen. So, I can say that we build together this management.

I describe myself casual sexy, 90% of my performance using sneakers & hot pants and I can feel more comfortable. Personally, I spend my time on my set more than my make up or set my curly hair. For my set, I do a lot of mashups, I often change the tempo and genre. I didn’t plan that for purpose and it just happen. But, as the times goes by, it becomes my trademark. So, the one and only female DJ that play an electro song, to trap, hip-hop and r&b, and then to dancehall, or twerk and to electro again. Maybe it’s only me, lol.

You’ve been touring all over Indonesia dan you’ve been sharing a lot of decks with other DJ’s from local to international and become their opening and closing set with the DJs that had that top 100 DJmag predicate. Who do you think that had and attractive sets and why?

There are so many great DJs, that really make me think, how did they do that and what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years? Because I thought it’s above and beyond my skills. For skill and DJ set, the top 2 favorite DJs are Dani L. Mebius & Danny Avila. For the whole set, R3hab is the one and for me, he always have a tight, great flow & mind-blowing mashups.

I believe that you would be this success as a DJ after you pass all of the tough challenge, how did you overcome those situations?

To be in this positions, it takes a lot of efforts and and pass all of the process, from didn’t had any experience, fail in my set and a lot of people underestimated me. I also have a time where I can’t buy songs, spend money for have a stylish fashion. I also have this hard time where I have to build and having those trust from other people, club and others. We have to discipline, effort to do that and it takes months and even years or hundreds of gigs. On the other side, it’s easy for people to judge that we are a bad DJ. Because sometimes if we fail in 1 club or event, they wouldn’t invite ask again to be a guest DJ. Once again, to have a returning trust, it’s not easy at all. We have to be diligent & not easy to get satisfied. There are so many things to explore for this DJ machine, so from this learning process, we can use that while we perform and maybe the other DJs didn’t know this techniques.

What is your biggest dream as a DJ?

My biggest dreams are probably having my own song that going worldwide and I can perform in the big festival and sing along with the crowds. So cliche. After I can produce a song, I want those songs to be touching people hearts. Personally, I think a success DJ is a DJ who can share a moment/feeling from our song/set that we bring to the crowd. It would be so amazing if I can make a great song and I can put about my true feeling in that song. So, when I play that song at one of my performance, the crowd will feel what I feel.

What are your top 5 tracks in your live set?

– Kanye West – Mercy – Icona Pop – I Love It – R3HAB & VINAI – How We Party? – Fat Joe – Lean Back – House of Pain & Chunky Dip – Jump Around X Propaganda Bootleg

Nowadays, technology and social media are a lifestyle for most of the people in the world. For you, what do you think of the impact and effect that can comes up from those thing for a DJ career?

The impact from social media for an artist or public figure are so big. It makes us easier to share whatever we want, for schedule, music, mixtape, photo and video. It’s also mean that cheaper way for branding & promotion. For example, snagram/live video features can help our follower to connect with us through the real time and directly. Through those conversation, we can give a feedback & advices. Even, it’s more bigger than that, sad but true, how big a name of an artist cab’t be only measure by their experiences and skills. But, also from how much are their followers, likes and comments.

But to make it simple, let us use as positive as possible with this fast growing technology to connect with our crowd and spreading news over the world.

You’ve been playing at a lot of places, venue and clubs in Bali. Until now, where is your favorite place and why?

Until now, maybe Boshe, they always had a packed and I can dance & sing a long with the crowd. But, basically, when the CDJs and the sound are great, eveything should go smoothly.

On July 5th, 2017 is your first ever show in Sky Garden. Any special prepations playing at the club that 88 rank in the DJ mag?

My preparations are learn more deeper about the songs that I will play at Sky Garden, hopefully my song list & flow will make the crowd go wild. I just finished my tour in Kuala Lumpur that really open my mind because they had their own way to do mash-up & mixing. Maybe I steal a bit of that tricks and hopefully it will be going well.

If right now you had a chance to have your own records management, what name you will use for your own records management and why?

It takes time to choose a name, but for now, I choose “WOLOH!” It’s gonna be interesting and the local will know that I will make an extraordinary things. Beside that, make our own local slank word going international and also, it’s easy to remember. Haha.. So, random

Where is your favorite place to have a holiday? If you only can bring 1 person to those trip, who would that be?

I love beach, probaby, I’ll choose Fiji Island. But there’s a lot of island that I want to explore. I will bring my friend called, Irina Stroganova, because we love to play all day long and we aren’t afraid to get tanned.