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Code by DJ Yasmin, NNTYSX & Zhela is out now!


One of Indonesia’s most in-demand DJ, Fahria Yasmin, or better recognized as DJ Yasmin, is a talented DJ whose known for her breathtaking performance on stage and has toured citiesin Indonesia and countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Netherlands, Swiss, and countless others.

Now, DJ Yasmin has formed a music group named LYCKA with a Future Pop direction that also consists of Raki a.k.a Nnytsx and Zhela.

Bracing up to release the first single, “CODE”, describes a woman’s feelings towards a guy that wants to know her deeply but doesn’t have the heart to tell her, ends up sending her signals or “Codes”.

In the entity of the song, the group gives a blissful nuancetothe chord progression rhythm.

Embedded with the sound of marimba that leads most of the song and bell samples harmonizing with Zhela’s angelic voice, which createsa Bright, Vibrant, and Cheer up track.

Enjoy with us on!