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Hydro Fusion Festival India 2018

This year is a very productive year for Bali based DJ, Berlin Bintang. Last September she released her first single titled "I Don't Give A Damn" on digital platforms and several radios in Indonesia. The song also received a fairly positive response from the wider community. Not only in Indonesia but also abroad. Not only that, she is active in creating podcasts, which airing on FBI FM Bali radio every Wednesday, and the program is still going on until now. In social media she is also released several remixes and video mixshow programs. In the middle of her busy time she also still doing shows and gets invitations to play in major events, whether in Bali, or in other major Indonesian cities. Her expertise in the DJ industry finally succeeded in bringing her to appear in one of the International EDM Music festivals. Yes, Berlin Bintang get an invitation to appear in the Indian EDM Festival, titled HYDRO FUSION 2018. This festival is a blend of various EDM genres, which also including some of famous DJs from other countries. Besides Berlin Bintang, there are also Brazilian DJs, D-Trox, number 1 DJ in India, Aceaxe, and Psytrance DJs from India, Ananda & Chakravied. It was a huge success when Indian people accepted music she was played. In her performance, she bring Balinese traditional music mix with EDM. This Hydro Fusion Festival 2018 is one to watch if they still continue to bring more festival in the future! "I Mean, all the productions were so amazing! I'm comfortable with sound, lighting and visual from the event. This is really one to watch!" said Berlin Bintang. "This is the first time I've performed in India, and Indians are very welcome with me, they even like the music that I bring. Yes, at least in this festival I can bring the name of Bali to be increasingly known in the international community, "said Berlin Bintang. In 2019, the Berlin Bintang has prepared something new for dance music lovers everywhere. "Hopefully next year, I can make more achievements and works! And of course there will be more international jobs that I can get, "she concluded.